Mediterranean Mysteries: The Iberian Peninsula

“If our purpose is to come to a genuine understanding of the lives of our ancestors and the cultural and spiritual legacy left us by them, we may find it necessary to reevaluate our understanding of the terms religion, myth, and folklore.” Michael Everson, Tenacity in religion, myth, and folklore Horseman from Iberian Pottery, Alicante … Continue reading Mediterranean Mysteries: The Iberian Peninsula

The Little Folk of West Africa

Even if we have forgotten the stories over the years, many of us grew up with “fairy” tales and old “superstitions” surrounding the mysterious beings we know as fairies, dwarves, goblins, pixies, djinn, ogres, gnomes, trolls, and other hidden spirits of the natural world. Of course, West Africa is no exception to this form of … Continue reading The Little Folk of West Africa

The Little Folk of Southeast Turtle Island

While many tend to associate fairies, elves, and other hidden peoples with the stories and lore of Europe, these magical beings are found all over the world and with striking similarities. Turtle Island is no exception. From the Appalachian woodlands to the mounds of Mississippi - the Hidden People or Little Folk (also referred to … Continue reading The Little Folk of Southeast Turtle Island