Meet the Reader

My name is Sierra Perez (she/they). I am a non-denominational tarot reader and history enthusiast residing as a guest on Piscataway homelands. Here at Ancient Pathways Tarot, I provide personalized readings and share my research in occult and spiritual history.

“I consider tarot to be one of many pathways to understanding our journeys through the lens of symbolism and storytelling.”

I have been a self-taught student of tarot, history, and religion for seven years. In 2021 I made my childhood dreams a reality by launching Ancient Pathways Tarot. My ancestral homelands are the islands of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and Ayiti Kiskeya (Haiti-Dominican Republic). I am a descendant of Indigenous West African and Taìno peoples, and Spanish, Basques, and Portuguese settlers through my mother. Through my father I descend from the North Central Appalachian settlers of Scots-Irish, English, Cornish, Welsh, English, and German ancestry. 

“Growing up, I often wondered how much more of the world I would understand if I had access to the stories of all my ancestral lineages…”

I eventually began looking to my roots in the Caribbean, West Africa, and pre-Christian Europe in an effort to uncover the answers to those lifelong questions. I firmly believe that to know our ancestral creation stories and the names of lands and waters we come from is to reclaim all aspects of ourselves. But as Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color across the diaspora we have had too many of our ways of knowing hidden or stolen from us. While the major three Abrahamic religions of the world play a role in many of our histories, it can be difficult to know where else to look for guidance if we do not personally align with them. Tarot is one of many options we can use outside of organized religion to pause and reflect, coming to a better understanding of the world, stories, and histories surrounding us.

Service Disclaimer

Please be aware of scammers. Cartomancy is not meant to be used as or in replacement of professional healthcare or financial advice. If you are in a state of urgent distress, grief, or pain please consult with your trusted healthcare professional. I will never solicit you for a reading.