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“Sierra is the real deal and just an all around amazing person!! Her reading was incredibly accurate and clarifying which helped put me in a clearer, calmer state of mind. Thanks again Sierra đź–¤”

Erin B.

“Wow. Thank you. I needed this boost, I have been doing work on certain situations and this gives me the confidence it will go my way.”

Dee G.

“This is so spot on you have no idea. I was even talking about this same thing with someone last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you đź–¤”

Pam K.

“Thank you so incredibly much for these readings, I can’t tell you how helpful they are to me right now. While reading through this so many things hit hard – perfectly summarized to a T, it left me with my jaw dropped.”

Katie D.

“Sierra! The reading felt spot on to the things I’ve been thinking about doing and not 100% sure about doing. I loved this reading and needed it to jumpstart my day! Thank you.”

Tashi C.

Sierra guided my first tarot reading and provided me with a better understanding of the practice and a deeper appreciation for the connection it provides. I felt lucky in my experience with Sierra. Her energy and communication style provided me with a safe space to engage with each card fully. Upon your initial session with Sierra, you will recognize the power of her developed intuition to effectively navigate how the cards resonate with you. Because of this, Sierra is much more than just a tarot reader. She is a spiritual guide with a profound ability to listen, counsel and support your journey in all its forms.

Lauren H.

“Sierra has done a few readings for me and let me tell you they have been mind opening! Her readings have been in-depth and very thorough. Sierra, thank you so much.”

Kevin K.

“I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all of your help and your amazing reading. First let me say that the reading was so incredibly accurate! The accuracy was from the zodiac signs to the overall energy around the situation to even how things have been playing out. Your energy is soo beautiful. It is soo hard to find a good tarot reader, so often I’ve been made to feel like I’m…kinda bothering some one. Your energy was very warm, embracing / welcoming. You are such a Light. Thank you for your openness and for letting me ask questions as well. The way you explained the cards helped provide so much insight. Some readers are so vague it almost becomes a guessing game trying to understand the message. I didn’t feel that way with you. I really feel like Spirit spoke through you.

C. White

“…when I say this reading is just what I needed today. I am literally tearing up cuz I feel so seen and affirmed right now and I just feel so confident in the direction I’m heading. I can’t even express my gratitude.”

Cat G.

Thank you for the reading! It helped a lot with what I was going through, especially tonight.”

Tara C.

“Your tarot journey has been amazing to witness. I cherish all the late night readings we’d do together and get chills from…you are soo, so passionate and put your heart and soul in everything you do.”

Emily T.

“Sierra took the time to ascertain what my exact needs were, even when I wasn’t quite sure how to fully phrase what I was looking to ask, and then very clearly explained the lessons held within each card and how they interplayed with one another. It went beyond vague language and into directly what I needed to actively hear to put work toward. She gave actionable suggestions for moving forward, and checked back with me to see if I needed any further clarification or guidance beyond what she had already given. Mad respect for what she does!”

Cheyanne C.

“Thank you so much for doing this! It helped validate what I have been feeling lately.”

Lindsay F.

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