Fairies of Ireland & Scotland

“Every legend, every myth, contains a kernel of truth; if we could only remove the husk of fable which envelopes it.”   O’Curry’s “Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish.” Glencoe Valley in the Scottish Highlands. An image of high rolling green mountains and peaks with the layered valleys beneath them; set against a gray … Continue reading Fairies of Ireland & Scotland

Pre-Christian Faiths of the British Isles

Before Christianity’s infamous arrival across the lands we know today as Ireland, Britain, and Scotland in the 5-6th centuries, the majority of Celtic peoples who were native to the area observed druidism, or regionally specific land-based traditions. While there were numerous Celtic groups who practiced this form of spirituality across Western, Southern, and Central Europe, … Continue reading Pre-Christian Faiths of the British Isles